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Welcome to Switzerlandview

Switzerland has many beautiful places and corners. In order to be able to see as much as possible of Switzerland within a very short time, I offer you some programs which guarantee comfortable traveling. The tickets for gondolas, trains and so on are included at the same price as you would travel with your family or friends. You benefit from a nice apartment, a driver and a companion. You save yourself the long search for cheap deals, you don't need a rental car, you don't have to look for a flat and you don't have to travel by public transport in Switzerland, which is expensive and time consuming.


At this time we make a round trip and see much as we can. In my comfortable van you can enjoy the landscape and stop whenever you want. You can take time for the things you are interested in. Apartment, transportation and food are included.


Six nights in Switzerland are very expensive with public transportation, hotel and food. Big travel groups do not offer flexibility and the public transportation does not hold on, if just you want it. In these days I will show you many places and traditions of our culture. An unforgettable experience. The only thing you have to buy are souvenires and snacks for between.


With this premium offer I also show you the Italian and French part of Switzerland. We have enough time to go hiking, motorcycling and much more.  There is only one problem: If it's beautiful, the time passes to fast.


  1. Tell me how long you want to stay in Switzerland.
  2. Tell me wich places you want to visit.
  3. Tell me how many person you want to invite.
  4. Tell me how much you want to pay.

Your apartment

To have privacy and relax after a trip you live in one of my accommodations. There is space for 5 people, with a kitchen, a bathroom, 3 bedrooms and a spacious living room with a flatscreen. If someone has to work, a office table is integrated in each bedroom with free Wifi. The apartment is ready to move in. Everything you need is available. Convince yourself of my guest ratings on airbnb.