About switzerlandview


I love different cultures, people from different countries and traveling around the world. To be in a other country and talking with the local people is one of the greatest things for me. It's my way of life.


I do not just want to give my guests an impression of the formative landscape. Important is the contact with local swiss, as they live and love. Only then do you get to know the country. 

Paul A. Rapolani

Luzernerstrasse 161

5054 Moosleerau

Switzerland / Thailand

September 1990


Email: mail@switzerlandview.com

Telephone: +41 79 668 64 00


German, Thai, English


Traveling, Motorcycling, Snowboarding, Fishing, Hiking


Currently I'm at a travel school in Aarau - Switzerland to gain more experience. I graduated from the carpentry school and studied business administration. Today I work in an interior design office as a project manager to build shops for the fashion industrie. 

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